• June 2020

Exploring The South

"Exploring The South" is a study of the changes, or lack thereof, that suburban Georgia has experienced over many years. The images contained in this book are not of forgotten or abandoned places, but rather of spaces which are still in use today and still serving the town or city which they are located in some capacity. Many of these structures continue to play the same role as when they were first built, others now relegated to a secondary life in the shadows of what they once were.

This book, "Exploring the South" is just that, the first in a three book series of photos from Scott's travels throughout the state of Georgia, exploring its many communities.

Title: Exploring The South - A Suburban Expedition

Author: Scott Livignale

Publisher: CameraClick Media

Year: 2020

  • September, 2014

Camera Crazy

Camera Crazy tells the history of toy and novelty cameras, explores how these items spurred international photography movements, and makes clear just how popular they remain today. I was very honored to have been selected, along with several other photographers, to contribute images for this book taken with the various toy cameras which are featured.

This remarkable book celebrates the “toy camera” and its rise out of a novelty market. Inexpensive, often shamelessly marketed to children, and sometimes just plain quirky, these cameras have become a niche industry that thrived during the analog film era and continue to enjoy immense popularity in our digital world.

Title: Camera Crazy

Authors: Christopher D. Salyers and Buzz Poole

Publisher: Prestel Publishing

Year: 2014

  • December, 2020

Great Wall Plastic

"Great Wall Plastic" is a collection of images made over a period of 7 years, between 2005 and 2012, of simple and typical subjects using several incarnations of the famed "Diana" plastic toy camera. Some select variants of the original Diana camera that were used for these images include the Panax, Valiant, Diana F, Debonair, and the Stellar.

The original Diana camera, known as the "Diana 151" was first produced in the early 1960's by the Great Wall Plastic Co. in Hong Kong. Production continued through the 1970s but ceased sometime thereafter. The camera was produced under many names for different markets, many of the cameras were given away or sold for nominal sums as novelties or prizes at fairs, carnivals, product promotions, raffles, or other events.

Title: Great Wall Plastic

Author: Scott Livignale

Publisher: CameraClick Media

Year: 2020